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As a Mindset & Energy Coach my primary focus is working with people to help them to overcome Stress & Anxiety, to live in their optimal state of calm and balance – so they can lead more powerfully in business, be more present in their relationships and generally feel more focused, positive, balanced and calm.

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“Alice delivered a wonderful sessions on stress management and mind-set for our teams. The sessions were engaging, well structured and gave the teams a fresh perspective on how to improve wellbeing on a day to day basis. We left Alice’s session with practical and realistic techniques that can be put into practice with just 5 spare minutes per day.”

- Kimberley Johnson (Coutts Bank - RBS Group)

“Having worked with Alice I feel happier, healthier and more in control of my life. My productivity in both work and personal work has soared. Anxiety used to play a large part in my life and now thanks to the tools Alice has given me my anxiety is at an all-time low. I hugely value the time I have spent with Alice and I will be committing to doing two or three months work with her every year to keep me at my best.”

- Sebastian Macdonald-Hall - (Director -Evolve Estates)

I thought I would give Energy work a try as for over a month I had nausea and stomach pains all day every day. It was beginning to drive me insane, particularly since multiple visits to the doctors and blood tests and other tests all told me I was fine. - I had one session with Alice and from the second it was over, all the symptoms were gone. I honestly couldn’t believe it and certainly didn’t think the results would have been anything like as good, noticeable or instant. Moreover I felt absolutely incredible afterwards - even if you don’t have a problem which you need fixing, I would highly recommend working with Alice. Alice is clearly a very special person in tune with things I don’t understand, but they left me feeling a combination of calm and uplifted that was really quite powerful”

- Michael Brisby

”Alice has this way of making you feel grounded , it’s like she can remotely lift weight from your shoulders. Her meditation techniques & delivery allows you to let your guard down and release thoughts and feelings that are not serving you. After working with her I feel calm but energised, relaxed yet ready to take on new things. It’s a must if you have a fast paced lifestyle or a career that imposes deadlines. ”

- T.Cooper