"I got introduced to Alice on a zoom academy call and she gave an insight about her work and life, I instantly found her extremely calming and soft for me to listen - I wanted to be that/her. I began to work with Alice privately and I instantly felt safe, the techniques were strange at first but I found that being consistent with them and being honest with what I was capable of doing was very helpful and I was seeing change more importantly. Alice is extremely patient with the progress you make especially sometimes when you have dips of being very low, but that is only natural, she has the upmost professionalism in teaching you how to stay calm and positive within your mind, which I find the hardest thing for me to do. If you work with her, you won’t regret it, she will save and change your life for the better, she certainly did that for me and there are not enough people in the world like her - the world needs Alice Law, I certainly have! Thank you for everything you’ve done! You will never know how much or enough but here is a start!"

Aurelia Grey-Turner
Private Client

"I very luckily stumbled upon Alice’s profile on LinkedIn, at a time when my life was in a bit of turmoil. I signed up for a 12 week coaching course with Alice to focus on managing work load, stress and the “lost in life” feeling I was going through. Alice and I had regular weekly Zoom sessions, where I was taught a number of different techniques to help me remain grounded, present and mainly understand that life was not all about work. I would often find myself stuck in the bubble of a busy and responsible job, pushing everything else around me away and neglecting loved ones and my health. Throughout the coaching course and thereafter, I now have a much healthier work life balance and have implemented strong delegation and prioritisation techniques to manage this. Alongside this I now have clear intentions for my year ahead that are a real help in guiding day to day decisions and learning to say no to people, where healthy to do so. Alice is extremely accommodating and caring, whilst remaining firm on boundaries set in sessions and holding me accountable. I would highly recommend to anyone who feels their work/life balance has slipped and needs to get back on track."

Joshua Burton
Chief Operating Officer - Skybound Wealth Management

"Having worked with Alice I feel happier, healthier and more in control of my life. My productivity in both work and personal work has soared. Anxiety used to play a large part in my life and now thanks to the tools Alice has given me my anxiety is at an all-time low. I hugely value the time I have spent with Alice and I will be committing to doing two or three months work with her every year to keep me at my best."

Sebastian Macdonald-Hall
Director -Evolve Estates

"I started working with Alice at a turning point of my life. I was just building a new business and it was completely out of my comfort zone at all levels. This is when I got in touch with Alice and it was a great decision. She has helped me tremendously in clarifying the sources of my overwhelm and confusion. Her calm and inquisitive style helped me dig deeper to find the roots of my discomfort and she also helped me to find the right emotions and frame of mind to deal with them. Her coaching skills, her warmth, and genuine care gave me a safe space to express the deepest of my worries and confront them constructively. I highly recommend working with Alice if you want real transformation."

Hicham El Amrani
Director - Amrani C.G

"Alice delivered a wonderful session on Stress management and Mind-set for our team. The session was engaging, well structured and gave the team a fresh perspective on how to improve wellbeing on a day to day basis. We left Alice’s session with practical and realistic techniques that can be put into practice with just 5 spare minutes per day."

Kimberley Johnson
(RBS Group)

"We had the pleasure of co-hosting a workshop with Alice earlier this year, and were so impressed by her knowledge and passion for mindset coaching and energy healing. Alice brought such warmth to the workshop and guests left feeling empowered and uplifted. Alice is a true delight to work with"


"Alice has this way of making you feel grounded , it’s like she can remotely lift weight from your shoulders. Her meditation techniques & delivery allows you to let your guard down and release thoughts and feelings that are not serving you. I feel calm but energised, relaxed yet ready to take on new things. It’s a must if you have a fast paced lifestyle or a career that imposes deadlines."

Tim Cooper
Private Client

"I cannot thank Alice enough for putting on a Stress Management Workshop for our members, we had brilliant feedback and it went down really well with all the members - the majority of which have high stress jobs in the city. I will absolutely reach out to Alice for anything like this again in future."

Robina Lamche-Brennan
(The NED Hotel & Members Club)

"I thought I would give Reiki/Energy work a try as for over a month I had nausea and stomach pains all day every day. It was beginning to drive me insane, particularly since multiple visits to the doctors and blood tests and other tests all told me I was fine. - I had one session with Alice and from the second it was over, all the symptoms were gone. I honestly couldn’t believe it and certainly didn’t think the results would have been anything like as good, noticeable or instant. Moreover I felt absolutely incredible afterwards - even if you don’t have a problem which you need fixing, I would highly recommend working with Alice. Alice is clearly a very special person in tune with things I don’t understand, but they left me feeling a combination of calm and uplifted that was really quite powerful"

Michael Brisby
Private Client

"Alice intuitively knows how to get the most out of you whilst making you feel calm & at ease - you open up about what is at the real core of your stress & anxiety and then reprogram your perception of it. Working with my mind and energy together was unlike anything I had ever thought of doing, but it was by far the most effective. Alice has a gift and I would recommend her to anyone"

Alex Honnow
Private Client

"Alice hosted a live webinar for our Business Support Network titled ‘Stress the mental pandemic’ – why stress is the silent killer & how we can change our relationship with it, during mental health awareness week. Throughout the week, we hosted a number of live sessions and conversations and Alice’s was definitely one of the best and most popular. Alice’s down to earth style and approach is one you can instantly relate as she spoke about her personal journey and experiences with stress. What we particularly liked about Alice was how ‘normal’ she is about the advice she gives. Too many times you hear from coaches who try to get their audience to change so many things at the same time that quite often it’s just unrealistic. Alice’s advice is more simplistic which then becomes much easier to understand and implement. She comes across as warm and friendly and someone who really cares about what she does. I was really impressed with Alice and received wonderful feedback on her session from my network. I hope to work with her more regularly in the future, and can highly recommend her as both a coach and speaker. "

Paul Kelly
The Business Support Network

"Alice ran two lunch time sessions on how to manage stress at work, here at Coutts. The lunch time session was perfect as it broke the day and made us take a break. Alice took us through a couple of techniques that we can use day to day to reduce stress levels, and it’s something that I now adopt into my daily routine, that I have found particularly helpful when things get stressful. Now more than ever we need to learn how to reduce our stress levels so thank you Alice for showing our staff how to do this."

Jeanette Johnson

"Alice is the calmest person I have ever spoken to. After the first call I had with her I knew I had to work with her! I am so happy I chose to as it has truly changed my life. I can't describe how much calmer, happier and focused I feel. But just know that if you get the chance to work with Alice you will be forever grateful! I know I am. Thank you again!"

George Kilamano
Private Client

"Alice was such a joy to work with; her knowledge, expertise and guidance resulted in an engaging and inspiring virtual event for our community, captivating our audience and spreading calm in honour of mental health awareness month."

Sienna Speke
Head of Marketing - OTO