Mind Matters

At the weekend I came across an article in 'The New Scientist' that made me smile – generally I read it for what it gives off on the cover – science & technology - not wellness and mind set.  So, what I read came as a pleasant surprise. 

The article named ‘Mind over Matter’ was also the cover story and it was about how what we think in our mind creates our reality. Showing science aligning with what spiritual teachers and performance coaches have talked about for years - that we as human beings have the ability to create any reality we want, (both negative and positive) the only thing that gets in our way is our own mind and when we learn how to overcome this negative thinking, that is when true manifestation occurs.

The mind, like everything, gives off energy and when you think your thought itself becomes an energy - whether that's directing something in your body, your mind or creating in the outside world.                                              So, if you are constantly thinking negatively or positively about something then you are continually helping to create it by fuelling it with the type of energy you are putting out.

Alia Crum (who heads the Mind and Body Lab at Stanford University in California) says 'Our minds aren't passive observers simply observing reality as it is; our minds actually change reality.' and ‘It’s about being mindful of the fact that we have mind sets and that they matter, and being empowered by the possibility that we can chose more useful mind sets’.

Her research shows that a negative mind set can have a detrimental effect to your reality and that your mind set can affect everything from your weight and fitness, to the physical toll of stress and insomnia, even to how well you age. Thinking negatively can even produce things in your body that did not exist before - such as people experiencing the negative physical side effects to a drug (such as nausea and skin rashes) when they had actually only been given a placebo, but they had been told beforehand of the negative side effects of what they were taking and their mind had been put into a negative spiral about it, creating the negative physical reality. 

She speaks of how a cancer patient died of terminal cancer in the 1970’s – when actually the results were wrong and the autopsy showed the diagnosis had been a mistake, but their belief of this in their mind alone was enough to cause their death.

Science calls this the ‘non-cebo’ effect, spirituality calls it reverse manifesting - but whatever you want to call it the effect is the same - that when the fear of what you don’t want becomes your main focus, you are helping to create it and it becomes your reality.

So, if what we are putting into our minds really does help shape our reality and on both a scientific and spiritual level, then controlling our minds is one of the most important things we will ever learn.

Which goes back to self-talk  – what are you putting into your mind with your thoughts and what are you actually spending most of the time thinking about and how is this negatively/or positively effecting your reality?

We can tend to focus on what we lack at the time.

I don’t have enough money right now, I don’t have the job I want, I don’t have the relationship I want, the body I want and so on and so on.

All this does in our mind is affirm our unchosen reality and what continues on around us is the reality we are so displeased with.

Everything that we can see, was once someone’s thought – including you.

So, if our thoughts create our reality then practicing mindfulness through filtering out negativity is paramount to living the lives we want.

The quickest way to turn around a negative thought pattern is through gratitude and by going general – where if you can’t think of anything to be grateful for around a situation then go more general, i.e. you are in poor health – rather than focusing on your bad health, go to a general thought of being happy you are able to see a doctor, being grateful that you have family and friends to come and visit you and so on. We then start to get into a more positive thought pattern and this alone can have a dramatic effect on the negative reality we are dealing with.

This is something that needs to be practised continually as just like our bodies need to be kept in shape by excercise we need to continue to train the mind to be in positive thought patterns, so that they stick.

If you can be grateful then be grateful for everything – because gratitude creates positivity and a positive and focused mind set creates the reality that you want, not the reality you stumbled into from fearful thinking.

So, concentrate on being more mindful and aware of whether you are largely thinking positively or negatively about something or in general – as it is scientifically proven to be shaping your reality.

“Whether you think you can or you think you can't - you are right"

Henry Ford



Reference: Article ‘Mind over Matter’ by David Robson – The New Scientist 

Alice Law