Sound Healing by Josie (Eleven Healing & Re:Mind)

Sound healing works like all energy healings do - on vibration. Why does that work? - because we are all vibrational beings.

The universe is made up of energy - the tree, the table, water and most importantly YOU.

Science has proven that we are all energy just in varied forms of density. Which is why energy and sound healings work for us, because we are already designed to absorb energy (you only have to look at the sun or listen to music to understand that). 

Sound healing allows the soothing vibrations of the sound to penetrate our energy field and heal what is needed.

If you want to try it - then Josie is the one.

The first time I ever tried intuitive sound healing was a one on one session with Josie at her Eleven Healing space in Dalston – I had no idea what the experience was going to entail, but as a huge advocate of alternative energy healing and a reiki healer myself, I was keen to try.

At the time I was at a real crossroads in my life with my career and I was struggling internally to decide which way to go – holistic life coaching – or to carry on with my fashion line that I had already started to put into place and had studied as my degree.

I had just found out that I was being made redundant from my job of 4 years, as the office was relocating abroad, it was a time to really work out what I was going to do with my life and I went to Josie hoping she would help me – that she definitely did.

I didn’t tell Josie this information on arrival, all I said was that I wanted to do some healing as I had had a difficult 3 months.

The session itself was amazing and like all energy healings it was completely relaxing, the sounds that are played on crystal alchemy bowls by Josie completely transport you to a meditative state of mind and you can feel the energies working.

I came to the end of the session feeling more relaxed and completely calm – but it was what Josie picked up on that astounded me.

At the end of the session she will go through with you what she herself picked up on within your energy as she was doing the healing – she couldn’t have been more on point.

She told me that I was at an internal crossroads and struggling with which route to take, but that I really already knew which way I needed to go and that I needed to take a leap of faith and trust my intuition (she didn’t say which way I should go, but I knew inside as soon as she reflected it to me which way it was).

I left the session and hurried to a dinner that I was late for, sat down next to a man called Tim Cooper, his high energy was amazing to me and I immediately was intrigued as to what he did, so I asked him – he said he was a life coach – I laughed inside. I knew I was exactly where I was meant to be.

Tim is now my performance coach and has helped me to go from not knowing which type of coaching I should be doing, through the waves of self-doubt of whether I should even be coaching and if I knew enough (turns out I knew far more than I even realised from the life experiences of the past 5 years and the holistic learning I had done myself to get out of them emotionally) and to setting up and launching my coaching business.

The reflecting that Josie did with her healing was so accurate, I knew what I wanted to do deep down, I had probably known for three years, but I didn’t know how to go about it or believe in myself enough to realise that what I had continuously learnt over 4 years from both life experience and reading, listening, watching the world’s best coaches, mindset experts, meditators and working with some of the best healers for my own healing had been setting me towards this path all this time.

If you are feeling lost and confused about a situation or you feel the need for some general wellness healing or you just want to feel relaxed and calm - then I cannot recommend Josie enough – she is extremely gifted and will make you completely understand why you felt the urge to see her.

Sometimes we already know what we need to do deep down, we just need someone to reflect it back to us so we are reminded.

There is no such things as a coincidence, the universe is constantly sending synchronicities to us which are telling us to go in the right direction, we need to be more observant of these in our everyday lives and to trust in our intuition when we have a decision to make.

Trusting our intuition is one of the greatest skills we can develop if we are to succeed in life – not only for our career and purpose but for our relationships and happiness.

There is an inner energy compass within you that already knows what is best for you and what you really need to do, it’s remembering to not let the ego take over and cloud the mind with fears at times of decision and listening to your gut, which makes all the difference. 

If it feels right – then it is. 

Josie at Eleven Healing (one on one)


Re:Mind Studio (group)

I was happy to later find out that Josie also does group sound healings at Re:Mind studio in Belgravia – the space is beautifully designed, calming and hosts group healings and meditations from some of the top energy healers, sound healers and mediation teachers, as well as putting on other holistic wellness events.

It is definitely worth checking out – if only for the shop downstairs, which is full of everything from books, yoga mats, crystals, candles and other amazingly scented oils.








Alice Law