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I had never even heard of Transformational Breath work – before two of my friends told me they had both been to have a one on one session with Stuart Sandeman (The founder of Breath Pod).

As a huge fan of alternative holistic therapies like Reiki and other energy and sound healings, I was naturally intrigued – so I was pleasantly surprised to find that the week I was thinking about looking into this more, Stuart was running a small workshop for it at the weekend.

Transformational Breath itself is a self-empowering healing process that creates great transformation in one’s life. It is a dynamically powerful technique that utilizes a high vibrational energy force created by a specific breathing pattern. The three levels of Transformational Breath allow us to breathe better, have more energy, feel more peaceful and loving, and ultimately attain higher levels of consciousness.

In doing this it allows us to release cellular memory of past emotional and physical traumas through breathing.

So what does this actually entail?

We started by observing how we all currently breathe – it’s safe to say that out of a group of ten people – no one’s breathing was up to scratch.

I volunteered to be the 'Guinea Pig' and Stuart analysed how I was breathing and where I was currently holding onto my breath in different parts of my body – the stomach (which he said was from me not letting go of something) and my chest (which I know myself holding breath there started to come on a few years ago when my sister was ill with cancer).

I thought hard about both things and I came to two conclusions about what and why they were there for me – I was ready to have a go at releasing them.

First we learnt the technique itself, which took a little practice as our body has now trained itself to go against this way of breathing – which is actually like a babies- breathing into the lower belly, but then releasing on the out breath with no control.

We then lay down on our mats, pillow behind our heads, blankets on – ready for the next hour.

We used the technique whilst listening to music, eyes closed, getting into a continuous rhythm of breath and Stuart telling us when we needed to 'shake it all out' with our bodies before going straight back into the rhythm of Transformational Breath.

Stuart would also come around and press on certain acupressure points for you whilst you were breathing – to help release where tension was really stuck.

The experience was amazing – what felt like 15 minutes was actually an hour, I had tingling arms and legs and what felt like energy flowing through my whole body. I felt the pressure in my chest release out and I had clear visions about my life (they say this often happens when you access the 3rd level of transformation breathing) that were so far from my controlled mind that they are too hard to explain, except if you have ever been into a properly meditative state and had a vision, then it is similar.

All this was from just breathing.

We sat up afterwards all a bit dazed, but very relaxed and happy.

Everyone’s experiences were completely different, which it will be for each person every time – something I love the idea of.

I left and felt that the tightness in my chest had lifted and I felt content & lighter.

Using our own natural healing abilities through techniques such as transformational breath, reiki, meditation and other alternative holistic therapies, is one of the most underused ideas of modern society.

We all tend to ‘like’ the idea of trying them, but then who is keeping it up? How many of us are genuinely using one of these in times of emotional struggle instead of running to the doctor or burying it all away only for it to appear again stronger than before.

We are always looking for the quick fix, the prescription, the pain killer but not the source solver.

Opening our minds up to what is available and out there for us to try is so worthwhile.

Something like the Transformational Breath technique experience cannot be fully explained, it needs to be experienced and the experience and benefits will speak for themselves – so just try it and see.

Breath Pod now hold weekly workshops as well as one on one sessions. 

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Alice Law