Mozambique Mindfulness - Feeling Free & breaking the cycle

Walking down the beach on the remote coast of Mozambique, the sea on my right, sand under my feet and nothing but miles of wide open beach, not a soul to be seen on it, ahead of me – it was the freest I had felt in a while.


This got me thinking – why had I not felt the extent of this sort of freedom in a while? – that pure serenity, calm and peace - What was I doing (or not doing)?

I am somehow who meditates daily, who journals and does morning mindset, who walks every day and makes sure I am doing things that make me happy. So, what was I doing wrong?









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Alice Law
World Mental Health Day - Ecila's Story

On this World Mental Health Awareness Day, I have decided to mix tips with truth – and it is about making a start towards help - for I know that the people that have inspired me most in my life journey so far are the ones that have shown strength through vulnerability.

So today I am going to tell you the story of a woman I know called Ecila and her journey over the last 8 years and who finally raised her hand for help when she realised she wasn’t coping.

It is my hope that by sharing her story it will inspire people to be more open about their own struggles, as it is in doing so that we allow for the people who need help the most to raise their hands and to be open to the help that is out there – even the unconventional newer holistic ways – especially in those ways.

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Alice Law
Mind Matters

This weekend I came across an article in one of my favourite magazines that really made me smile – The New Scientist – I tend to read it for what it says on the cover – science, technology and economical updates, not wellness and mind set.

So, what I read made me grin from ear to ear.

The article named ‘Mind over Matter’ was also the cover story and it was about how what we think in our minds creates our reality.

It made me happy as it shows that science is starting to align with what mind set experts, spiritual teachers and performance coaches have known for years.

That we as human beings have the ability to create any reality we want, the only thing that gets in our way is our own mind and when we learn how to overcome this negative thinking, that is when manifestation occurs.

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Alice Law
Sound Healing by Josie (Eleven Healing & Re:Mind)

Sound healing works like all energy healings do - on vibration. Why does that work? - because we are all vibrational beings.

The universe is made up of energy - the tree, the table, water and most importantly YOU.

Science has proven that we are all energy just in varied forms of density, which is why energy and sound healings work for us, because we are already designed to absorb energy (you only have to look at the sun or listen to music to understand that). 

Sound healing allows the soothing vibrations of the sound to penetrate our energy field and heal what is needed.

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Alice Law
Transformational Breath by Breathpod

I had never even heard of Transformational Breath work – before two of my friends told me they had both been to have a one on one session with Stuart Sandeman (The founder of Breath Pod).

As a huge fan of alternative holistic therapies like Reiki and other energy and sound healings, I was naturally intrigued – so I was pleasantly surprised to find that the week I was thinking about looking into this more, Stuart was running a small workshop for it at the weekend.

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Alice Law
The most important conversation you will ever have is the one you continually have with yourself

The way you speak to yourself is the most important way anyone in the world will ever speak to you.

It was at a talk once that I attended a few years ago that a mind-set expert (she worked with the CEO of Google) told me your brain cannot tell the difference emotionally between you saying something negative to yourself in your own mind and someone you know and love coming up to you and saying something horrible to your face.

The impact on our emotions, confidence and self-esteem is the same.

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