Alice has recently launched a new online monthly membership platform with Best Selling Author, Ex Chief Business Office of Google (X) and Happiness Expert, Mo Gawdat. Based on the teachings of their soon to be released book - Unstressble. They have created a platform to help people become the happiest and calmest versions of themselves.

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When you sign up to become part of the Unstressable membership you get Mo and Alice as your coaches. They’ll take out all the guesswork and combine their own expertise to make your stress management and prevention practice not only easy and simple, but also exciting and fun!

You’ll have exclusive access to them every month as they coach you in live sessions, answer your questions and provide fresh monthly training content that guides you step by step through the process of becoming Unstressable. This membership will also give you exclusive access to a community space to keep you motivated and connected in between sessions. As well as guest expert sessions with other leading experts.

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Find out more at and use the code LAWALI at checkout to get a two month totally free trial

"Alice has an aura of calm and a deep, gentle energy that impacts you just by being in her presence or speaking with her. Her experience with stress and loss has led to an incredibly inspiring acceptance of life’s journey. She combines logic with spirituality to help others do the same"

Dr Tara Swart
Neuroscientist, MD and Best-Selling Author of ‘The Source’

"Alice has this gift of delivering a unique message around a broad subject. Her energy and tone instantly re-centres you and brings you into a place of presence. When you meet Alice there’s one thing that you can instantly feel- Alices connection to herself, her work, and the people that she engages with. She brings a dynamic into a room that I’ve only experienced on very rare occasions and she has the ability to shift people’s perspectives from a place of stress, frustration and anxiety, to a place of complete calm. If you’re feeling like you just need to take a step back and reflect on what’s important to you in life, Alice Law will be the person you are looking for."

Tim Cooper
High-Performance Coach, Speaker & Author

"Signing up for the Lawali Life Membership is one of the best things I’ve done for myself. Not only is the content easy and practical to apply to daily living, but Alice’s genuine care for her clients is inspiring. My soul continues to thank me every day for what I’ve learned during the live (with replay) coaching sessions with Alice. My mind and nervous system feel a lot calmer too. Even though I’m based in Australia, I’m so grateful for the opportunity to learn from Alice via this Membership. Alice and this Membership are priceless gifts!"

Stephanie Haughton

"As Alice says, 'Calmness is a skill'. Alice shares this skill within The Lawali Life Collective membership in the most gentle, caring and generous way, I feel so much more secure, content and confident in myself and my life today as a result of learning from Alice."

Sienna Speke

"The 3rd COVID-19 lockdown in the UK brought an new all time low for me personally. I was a burnt out, full time working mum with stress and guilt levels at an all time high. Feeling like I'd had enough & was failing at all my roles of Mum, wife, daughter, friend & Senior Manager. I simply didn't recognise myself! I found Alice through a podcast and her words on the power of intuition & how self healing should be everyone's responsility, really spoke to me. As a result I joined The Lawali Life membership & through her guided meditations, group zoom sessions & how to connect to your true inner voice & intuition, together with monthly journalling guides & intentions, I'm well on the way to healing myself. I feel like I am becoming an even better person than I was before lockdown. I now meditate everyday and 'respond' rather than simply 'react' to stressful situations. I'm not just connected to my intuition I'm best friends with it!"

Claire Nicholson


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