Coaching Programmes

Alice currently offers 1-2-1 Stress Management & Energy Coaching for 12 weeks or longer.

 As well as 3 Corporate Wellness Workshops, for Stress Management, Mindset and Energy Education within a corporate environment.

Alice programmes are specifically designed to tackle stress, to get you back to your balance and into a positive, focused and productive space.

Lawali Life programmes contain a variation of Mindset, Stress Management, Mindfulness, Energy Education, Meditation & Spirituality as tools for moving you forward, re framing your thinking and helping you to feel grounded, balanced and calm. 

All programmes are tailored to the individual client as the programme evolves.

Coaching can be done both in person when in Central London, or via Web Call.


For further information, programme availability or to arrange a call

Please contact Alice directly



Alice's areas of experience include (but are not limited to) coping with; Stress, Anxiety, Grief,  Mindset, Terminal Illness (Cancer) & Health Issues (for someone close to you), Circumstantial Environment Change, Financial Struggles, Coping with Depression (for someone close to you), Coping with Addiction (for someone close to you), Family Relationships/ Relationships, Stress Related Weight Loss & Redundancy