Lawali Life is a coaching service Specialising in stress Management&Energy

getting you into Alignment with your calmest & most focused SelF

Founded by Alice Law, Lawali Life has been set up to re-align you with your calmest self, gain clarity and to get into a mindset that serves the best you.
Based in London, Alice offers solutions that you can then self-sustain going forward to continue to overcome stress and negative mindset, in both the face of adversity and in everyday life.
Helping you to get back into alignment with your true self and live in a calm and rational state of mind.

Alice's holistic approach to coaching begins with her belief being that the two things that are of equal importance to living in a calm and rational state of mind are your mindset and your energy and when the two are working in harmony then real calmness occurs.

Alice is a qualified Life Coach and Reiki Level 1 &2 Certified - she has been studying self- development for the past 4 years.

However, she maintains it has been her most prominent life experiences of the past ten years that have allowed her to have her own unique insights into coaching & stress management and her own way of thinking to help others.

Anyone can get a certificate, but it is our own individual lessons that life hands to us that allow us to offer something no one else in the world can.
My story of how I came onto this path is no more adverse than many, far more adverse than a few and less adverse than some - but it has been a combination of these difficulties that life handed to me at the exact same time, that has led me onto developing an education in mindfulness, energy healing, mind-set, meditation, self development and spirituality.
This combination has steered me to gain a wealth of knowledge on how to tackle stress, retrain your mindset even in the hardest of times and live in a peaceful, calm and rational state of mind.
I know that it works, quite simply because I started to develop it from a place of hardship and trialled it successfully on myself during some of my toughest times - it is now my want to use this experience to help others through theirs
— Alice Law

Alice'S Story

This journey started for me when over the past few years, like so many people have, I suffered some deep losses, but they all seemed to come at the exact same time or continually one after the other.

It felt like no stone was being left unturned I found my happiness was quickly dissappearing whilst being faced with various emotional and material difficulties at the same time.

It was during this time that I realised that something had to change and with everything else being out of my control, then that something had to be me.

So,I went on a journey of discovery and found a new way of thinking through hours of reading, researching online, listening to podcasts, attending seminars and watching videos from my favourite speakers, coaches and authors.

From this I learnt, discovered and trialled, what I now truly believe to be the best ways to cope with stress and negative mindset at both times of adversity and in everyday life.

I learned how to use self-development and spirituality as tools to help move us forward through times of struggle, ground us day to day and I found energy healing - which I truly know and believe to be a life changing tool in times of stress and grief and for generally keeping in a calm state of well being.

I found that a holistic approach was the most valuable, by combining the best parts of different teachings from world experts on self-development, mindfulness, mindset experts, leading performance coaches, healers and spiritual teachers. Whilst learning from my own experiences and putting that together alongside tools like meditation, mindfulness and energy healing – that was truly the key to finding an inner calm and clarity and to living in the ‘now’, even in the toughest of times.

At the time I was lucky to be working somewhere that afforded me to spend hours online all day learning, researching and collating this information - but I know that a lot of people don’t have time on their side and that if someone at that difficult period of time would have said they could teach me everything I know now - then I would have jumped at it.

So, it is my hope that you will find something on my site that will resonate with you and help you through your own struggle, whether that is out in the world or inside your own mind.